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Message from Our Founder

Welcome to Sana's Kitchen, we are thrilled to have you as part of our community.  As you may have read in my story, one of the prime motivators for starting this company was the influence my mother's recipes had on me as a child.  However, it is as an adult that I had become increasingly disappointed with the nutritional quality of the food we see on the shelves. My consternation resulted in me being creative in preparing my own healthy snacks. My primary goal was to have plant based, organic, nutritious snacks with no added sugar, chemicals, or additives of any kind.  Additionally, in our fast paced society, I needed a product that would provide the nutrients I wanted quickly and simply. 


Our flagship product, “datini” is the result. After years of experimenting with various nutritious recipes, I decided that it was time to offer my "datini" to other people who might also be tired of the "same old" products.  Datini is made from all organic ingredients, with no added sugar. Most importantly, datini is a staple ingredient in numerous healthy and quick recipes that provide a healthy alternative to the classic food offerings.  

We encourage you to give our product a try! Try any number of our recipes, or experiment with your own.  Send along your creations by messaging us through our Facebook page and we'll publish select recipes for others to try. 


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