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My work with Natural Foods initiated in the late 1990’s when my family and I left behind us our native lands and started a new life in North America where my mother began teaching my sister and I the amazing recipes that came from our homeland. 



I still have vivid memories of one of my favorite dishes that my mom created, using dates and sesame seeds. Little did I know back then that this amazing spread is a staple food throughout the Mediterranean similar to peanut butter here in the U.S.


Years later and now living in the U.S., this nutritious, yet delicious spread is still a big part of my family’s lives. In fact, my Mother’s recipe was the cornerstone and inspiration for the creation of Sana’s Kitchen so I could share this unique treat with you and your family. I hope that you take the time to enjoy our DATINI for breakfast, or as a snack. Try it on Oatmeal, toast, fruits, vegetables and desserts, and you will see that it will curb your cravings for junk food!


As our flagship product, DATINI spread supports a healthy Mediterranean based diet and is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals while being all natural! This superfood is great for everyone in your family.


Thank you so much for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy our products and recipes as much as we do!  We make everything with love in Sana’s Kitchen.